Hurricane Property Damage

Yes we usually don’t get Hurricanes in the New York City, Long Island area. But we can and we have in the past. Hurricanes create specific types of losses and are usually handled not just by local Insurance Adjusters, but also by Catastrophe Adjusters as well as Flood Adjusters. If you think the local adjusters will try to under-pay and deny your claim wait to you see what the other adjusters will do with your property damage claim.

The most important thing is to be prepared as best you can. Make sure all rooms as well as the outside of the house is photographed as well as videotaped and uploaded to the cloud.

If a Hurricane hits the New York City area, don’t wait you need to at least have an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster review your damages as well as your policy. Champion Adjustment has years of experience dealing with all types of property damage claims through-out the New York city area including Hurricane, Storm, Wind and Flood claims.

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