Hurricane Damage

Are you ready for the next Hurricane?

If you suffered property damage due to a Hurricane call us and well inspect your damaged property residential or commercial and go over a plan of action to get your property insurance claim settled.

What type of property damage did you incur?

If it’s from wind or an object hitting your property and causing damage you would be filing a Home Owners or Business Insurance Claim. If its water surge you would be dealing with a Flood Claim. Are you in a Flood Zone? Do you have Flood Insurance?

As experienced Long Island Public Adjusters we will determine the extent of damage and what caused the damage. We will help you file the insurance claim. We will meet with the adjusters, engineers or anyone else who comes out to your property from the carrier to review the damages. Based on pictures and scope of damages we will work with the adjusters from your insurance carrier to help you realize the maximum settlement possible from your property damage.

If you suffered property damage due to a Hurricane call immediately to review your property damages. This is a FREE Consultation. We will recommend a plan of action and explain how, as Long Island Public Adjusters we will get your property claim settled as quickly as possible as well as how to receive the maximum settlement possible for your property damages.

Don’t let Hurricane Damages blow you away, call Champion Adjustment to handle your Hurricane Property damage claim.